The 2017 Fish Festival Trawler Parade

We started something last year so this will see the second trawler parade to be held in modern times in Newlyn!

Depending on the number of entrants there may be two parades over different courses – see below.

There will be a special prize for the best turned out Cornish sardine boat.

Prize for the best dressed boat & crew.

To register your entry we will need your name, boat name, number, length and colour of your boat using the form below or on the Trawler Race Facebook page.

Check the home page of the Fish Festival website to see your entry confirmed.

During the parade use working channel 8 at all times.

Penlee IRB will be on duty to see all participants display the very best seamanship and no parade shenanigans!

Parade start times to be confirmed by Tuesday 22nd – parades will be in the morning with the prize giving around 1pm on the Harbour Office balcony – various local celebrities handing out congratulations and prizes!

Punt Parade:

Registered fishing boats only.

Under 20 ft and with an inboard engine only.

Other participants may come armed with eggs and flour – be warned!

Parade start tba:  Parade start against the fish market – an air horn will sound a long single blast to indicate 5five minutes to go to the start – the start will be four short blasts.

Parade finish: When boats return past the parade start line.

Course: From the start under the fish market leave the harbour, on the outward leg head for the south side of the yellow buoy south of the Gear Pole and round it on your port side – head back on the homeward leg along the front to the finish in the gaps.

Under 15m Parade guide:

Under 15m registered fishing boats only.

Parade start time tba. Assemble on the beach side of the imaginary line between the yellow Sailing Club buoy and the end of the North Pier – an air horn will sound a long single blast to indicate five minutes to go before the parade starts – for the start there will be four short blasts.

Parade finish: The parade will end as the boats enter the gaps.

Warning! – Other competitors may come armed with eggs and flour.

Parade Course:

Leg one, head for the Low Lee buoy and round it from the shore side,

Leg two, head for the yellow marker buoy off the gear pole and round it from the sea side to make the homeward leg to finish in the gaps.


Last year these companies generously donated prizes for the first Fish Festival Trawler Parade! The Prizes included, Gael Force PFD, your very own fishermen’s apprentice kit; knife sharpener, gloves and bib & brace! a fishing reel, two Lobster pots, full set of oilskins, Dunlop Prurofoot boots, 1 ton of ice, and more were promised!  Hopefully we will be able to offer similar prizes for this year’s event – and any companies out there who would like to help raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission by donating prizes please contact us via email – thank you!

Cornish Ice Co Ltd